Can't find the size for a part?

If you can't find a specific size for a part you need and you don't have a space limitation, try a plug-in! Plug-ins are meant to be used to modify fittings to suit special needs, e.g. going from metric to inch, and vice versa.

PCJ - use with a union fitting to create a custom sized connector. Also good to create a metric tube to NPT connector.

PGJ - use with a connector to do something similar to PCJ or attach to a union fitting to get a combination we don't offer. Useful to attach larger fittings to smaller tubes.

PLJ(45) / PLGJ(45) - use like a PGJ, but with a bend, or use these to add a 90 degree or 45 degree elbow to a straight fitting.

PIJ / PIG - connect two fittings directly to each other. Useful to create complex custom fittings.

PJH - insert the barbed end into a tube to use a mismatched fitting. Budget friendly way of using a metric tube with inch/NPT fittings.


If you need a large amount of combination parts, contact us to discuss a discount.

If you have a really large need for a custom sized part, in the thousands, we may be able to get them specially made for you, give us a call!